Shawnee State University

Partnerships with Career Technical Education

Shawnee State University collaborates with many high schools and their career technical programs to provide an opportunity for students to earn credit while still in high school. Shawnee State University and Tech Prep work together to ensure students are provided a solid foundation toward their Shawnee State University certificate or degree. These bilateral agreements help career technical students save time and money while completing their degree at Shawnee State University.

School Partnerships

We are proud to work in partnership with the following districts and schools. Click a school to learn how you can apply the career tech courses you earned in high school to your educational goals at Shawnee State University. 

If you attended, one of the schools listed, or have participated in programs with articulation pathways, contact our Coordinator of Tech Prep and Career-Technical Alignment at 740-464-2838 to obtain your college credit(s). 

Ready to get started?

Details are available through your College Tech Prep instructor, your school counselor, or your Shawnee State University Tech Prep Coordinator, Harmoni Stamper at

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