As part of our commitment to Career Technical Education, Tech Prep is charged with assisting school district administrators achieve the best possible results for their schools, districts and students.  Whether it is assisting with required paperwork, finding funding opportunities, or networking with other districts around the state, we can assist you in a myriad of ways.

Below are some links to assist you with some common administrative tasks.   If there is something else you are looking for, or additions you think should be made, please contact us!

ODE Career Tech Page

Links into Career Tech Program pages (for curriculum, outcomes, etc.), as well as compliance, funding, and resources.

ODE CTE Teacher Preparation and Licenses

Guides for licensing requirements and processes.

CTE-26 Assistance

Find answers and links for completing the annual CTE-26 applications, including:

  • Renewal schedule
  • Directions for completion
  • CTE Assurances
  • SAFE login account access,
  • Completion checklist.

CTAG Verification Process and Forms

Links to verification forms, and instructions for completion.

CTAG Crosswalk Template

Spreadsheet showing links between CTE courses/requirements and CTAN course listings

Ohio Career-Technical Administrators (OCTA) Website